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+if you pain comes, you'll hide those tears
helena bertinelli/oliver queen

{ aka, how the cw butchers its female characters }

+we must be killers (we've nowhere else to run)
&& par one, two, three
clint bolton, natasha romanoff, phil coulson, nick fury
{ inspired by the prompt 'he made a different call' and of course, the difference in their recollections of budapest. }

+the air tastes like fear
annie/abed - hint of annie/jeff
{ annie lives her life measuring moments in their relative anxiety level }

+frayed at the ends
jeff winger/annie edison
{ if only it was a dream, one he couldn't deny. }

doctor who
+from a galactic graveyard of bones, the stars shine brighter
{ it was always, always, always at their deaths that they shone most brightly. }

+the old man and his big blue box
{ the doctor has spent hundreds of years alone, but sometimes it get's so very quiet in the old girl.}

+sometimes i wish you weren't so far away
eleven/river song
{ ll the times the doctor did and didn't remember river song. }

eleven/river song
{ two times river song lied and the one time it saved someone's life. }

+reminisce d'un jour (the days of reminiscence)
amy pond, gen
{ ut the memories are starred, scarred, marred by previous misconceptions of beauty. }

{ i want to go home. I want to come home. I want to see you again. }

+count the days you're gone
peter/olivia, minor lincoln/olivia
{ she knew life was unfair, but she didn't know it had such a twisted sense of humour }

jesse st.james/rachel berry
{ the words tumble out of her and the retribution she get's from the lyrics is better than any form of counselling }

+all you never wanted:
will schuester/emma pillsburry
{ when the strength escaped her, she succumbed to it and then felt guilty for being so weak. }

gossip girl
+i just want it to be perfect this time
chuck/blair - previously dan/blair
{ blair goes back to old mistakes and realises she likes the taste of old lies. }

+even the sun will one day die
blair, ofc
{ serena will one day disintegrate, leaving only an eternal shadow }

+braving weather to still the storms
dan/blair(friend!ship), chuck/nate/louis/blair
{ everyone recovers, but blair doesn't think a bandaid will fix her.}

+somethings you can't tak
{ she consoles herself with the knowledge that he might stay even if the tells him the truth }

+never knew i could love someone like you
{ he lets her dictate the terms of their non-friendship because something is better than nothing }

+sink in and drown, pretty boy/pretty girl:
{ chuck wishes he wasn't the monster in blair waldorf's fairytale. }

+although i try to forget you, your name is written in the stars
chuck bass/blair waldorf - dan humphrey/blair waldorf
{ post-mortem, the group tries to put the pieces back together. }

+the fair tale (1 of 3)
chuck bass/dan humphrey/blair waldorf
{ one day when you grow up, you realise happily ever after was not what you really wanted. }

+non, je ne regrette rien (no, i regret nothing)
dan humphrey/blair waldorf - minor chair, nair
{ sometimes the worth pasts are worth facing for the brightest futures. }

harry potter
+keeping secrets public:
ron weasley/hermione granger
{ there were better pairings but they jus worked }

+lie detector:
draco malfoy/ginny weasley
{ she lies, but he lies better. }

+lamentations of regret:
draco malfoy/astoria greengrass
{ sometimes the most difficult thing is to love someone enough to let them go. }

harry potter au
+rendezvous in memory lane
warren rodemiere/alexa black-rodemiere
{ she will sometimes wonder if she will ever be content with just being }

+just can't shake the weight of living
{ in depth character study of one poppy greenwood }

+in the eyes of an angel
oliver greenwood/cameron caddock
{ they're separating entities and the space between them isn't defined. }

+oh this animosity between us:
oliver greenwood/cameron caddock
{ something makes her think that maybe the smiles and laughs aren't always real. }

+the way we were:
oliver greenwood/cameron caddock
{ cameron caddock always will b tha little girl. }

+five moments for coliver:
oliver greenwood/cameron caddock
{ most magical parents give their children intelligent advice most }

+dysfunctionality is our normality:
oliver greenwood/cameron caddock
{ noah hides behind his mum to avoid his sister's wrath. }

+brother from another mother:
coliver children, gen
{ poppy doesn't acknowledge their relation. there's no way she could be genetically related to such a loser. }

+i can't see anything but you:
oliver greenwood/cameron caddock
{ once in a while, there is a semblance of silence in the greenwood household. }

+the fear of fear and failure:
oliver greenwood/cameron caddock
{ we fear failure, crave perfection and deserve affection. }

+the other dreams:
oliver greenwood/cameron caddock
{ sometimes she looks back on her life and the crippling disappointment and failure overcome her. }

+tears, regrets, cigarettes and old ignorants:
{ everything hurts more than the potential rugrat that'll ruin her life. }

hart of dixie
+you're the one/thought i could fake it
warnings: fanon, bc honestly wade cheating is a joke
{ prompt: she gets to see his bar first }

hour, the
+waging war to shake the poet in the beat
warnings: sad, angst, death, alcohol abuse
{ in the depths of grief, two women try to put themselves back together without any of the right pieces }

the, hunger games
+help me taste the bite of death
warnings: tw: abuse, self-harm, nc17+
{ love, johanna remembered her sister telling her, was weird }

+between dreaming and reality:
{ ariadne pieces memories together and tries to walk the fine line between dreaming and reality. }

pan am
+sauve-moi (save me)
dean/colette valois - dean/bridget pierce
{ she cannot hate herself more than she needs to save herself. }

once upon a time
+dulce et decorum (sweet and just)
sheriff graham/emma swan
{ moments, memories and mistakes. }

+non sequiter (or, wednesdays)
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 1520 / warnings: gen
{ the road to a relationship is paved with many almosts and this is story of donna and harvey's almosts }

+to the darkness i say, not today
harvey specter, donna paulsen
wc 1625  / warnings: angsty
{ she has convinced herself that the not-having is equivalent to the having }

+the principles and parameters of possibility
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 1754 / warnings: gen
{ scottie points out that harvey is in love with donna and so what? }

+it's one door swinging open and one door swinging shut
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 7191 / warnings: nc17+, explicit smut, gratuitous miscommunication
{ 26 moments challenge - the alphabet of donna and harvey }

+love-poem to donna paulsen in the avengers universe (or, competency)
wc 1253 / warnings: everyone is a superhero? whatever
{ clint bolton, aka hawkeye, gets sent into rescue black widow, aka donna paulsen, but doesnt cos this damsel don't need no man }

+got my hands around your neck (elegy for a broken everything)
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc / warnings: tw - abuse, murder
{ how do you wash the hands of a murderer off your skin? }

+like staring at the other half of me, you were right here all along
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 1698 / warnings: mature language
{ it was humiliating, debiliating, it was old wounds cut open again. }

+us against the world
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 2203 / warnings: guns, death, self-harm,
{ you didn't ask me to do this, she says softly, but you expected it of me. }

+heaven hath our hearts, our hearts hath no fear
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 1411  / warnings: none, gen
{ caustically lets it hurt her a little bit because it makes what she feels for him a little more real and a little less like a middle school fantasy she created in her head. }

+rule the world (with sass
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 1957 / warnings: au universe where donna is running for presidant, mild language
{ jackie onassis was pregnant in the whitehouse / she wasn't presidant! / she wasn't half the woman you are. }

+i'm sure of nothing that i know
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 5800 / warnings: sexual scenes, mature language (nc 17)
{ you can hurt me and yet you never have. familiarity has bred contempt but it's also made me... cataclysmic. }

harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 1251 / warnings: sexual scenes, mature langauge (nc 17)
{ if he could just let himself love her, then perhaps, he thinks, his heart might remember how to as well. }

+but my heart told my head, this time no
harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 1867 / warnings:
{ donna wonders if she'll love herself as much as she loved harvey. }

harvey specter/donna paulsen
wc 2294 / warnings: language, angst (lots)
{ she thinks to date a banker, so at least she can keep inside her comfort zone of shallow, self-centered men. }

teen wolf
+a walk in the nightmare of lydia martin
jackson whittemore/lydia martin
{ peter hale kidnaps lydia and she realises who her friends aren't. }

the vampire diaries
+the light's going out in my heart
elena, gen
{ he leaves them with a unused ring and all the love she couldn't express in words. }

the vampire diaries x gossip girl
+this is the way of serialised tv (the blamon show)
damon salvatore/blair waldorf - previously damon/elena, blair/chuck/dan
{ what you should know is blair dies and then she doesn't and damon has an existential crisis. }

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