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hi, my name is alexa. if we like similar things, comment here and i'll add you. then we can be friends. yay!

female jennifer lawrence, helen mirren, romola garai, emma stone, emma watson, zooey deschanel, demi lovato, eva green, karen gillan, kathryn prescott, camilla belle, alexa chung, adele, lea michele, rachel mcadams, rose byrne, katherine heigl, kristen wiig, gwyneth paltrow, christina aguileira, anne hathaway, maya rudolph, catherine tate, mila kunis, miranda hart, sharon rooney.

male gaspard ulliel, ben barnes, robert sheehan, iwan rheon, ryan gosling, logan lerman, ian somerhalder, chris evans, jeremy renner, robert downey jr., robert pattinson, daniel sharman
+tv shows
arrow, game of thrones, arrow, the hour (cancelled), pan am (cancelled), community, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, offspring, doctor who, supernatural, new girl, skins, misfits, my mad fat diary, parenthood, teen wolf.
mumford and sons, a fine frenzy, ellie goulding, boy and bear, angus and julia stone, katy perry, taylor swift, zee avi, two door cinema club, vampire weekend sia, gotye, kimbra, adele, jans lekman, flight facilities, ALUNAGEORGE, liz lawrence, london grammar, broods, sampha.
+ships(* mean otps)
gossip girl
dan/blair*, nate/serena, rufus/lily, chuck/eva*

pan am
colette/dean*, laura/ted, kate/nico

new girl
jess/nick*, schmidt/cece*, winston/schmidt/nick (brOTP)

annie/abed, annie/jeff, britta/troy, britta/jeff, abed/troy (brOTP)

doctor who
ten/rose, eleven/idris, eleven/amy, rory/amy, river/eleven*

grey's anatomy
lexie/mark, alex/izzie, callie/arizona

hart of dixie
zoe/wade*, anna beth/lavon*, george/lynley*

hour, the
freddie/bel, lyx/randall, marnie/hector

sam/ruby v1*, dean/lisa

felicity/oliver, roy/thea, walter/moira, tommy/laurel

marvel universe
J.A.R.V.I.S/snark, pepper/tony*, clint/natasha*, bruce/darcy, steve/darcy, clint/phil, loki/sif, thor/jane, peter/gwen, peter/mary, clint/kate, phil/melinda, steve/tony, natasha/bruce, natasha/bucky, avengebros, basically everyone and anyone

my mad fat diary
finn/rae*, archie/rae (brOTP), izzy/chop

vampire diaries, the
elena/damon*, stefan/caroline*, tyler/caroline, jeremy/bonnie, rebekkah/matt, katherine/damon

harvey/donna*, mike/rachel, louis/lisa, jessica/power
Tags: welcome to my happy place

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