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all these hearts made of plastic
Title: non sequitur (or, wednesdays)
Fandom: suits (usa)
Characters: donna paulsen (pov), harvey specter, squint and you'll miss her jessica pearson.
Pairing: donna x harvey
Warnings: literally so gen, i don't even know if i wrote this.
Summary: the road to a relationship is paved with many almosts and this is the story of donna and harvey almosts.

as with anything, it will be nothing and everything all at the same timeCollapse )
all these hearts made of plastic
Title: to the darkness, i say not today
Fandom: harry potter rpg
Characters: cameron caddock, oliver greenwood (minor lor, rhea, casper)
Pairing: cameron x oliver
Warnings: some slightly smutty stuff, nothing actually explicit.
Summary: Cameron deals with distance and depression and learning to live this thing called life.

these are our ghostsCollapse )
music: If You Wait - London Grammar
all these hearts made of plastic
29 December 2013 @ 11:59 pm
Title: cut my foundations down
Fandom: suits (usa)
Characters: donna paulsen, harvey specter, dana scott
Pairing: donna x harvey x dana
Warnings: post-finale (so therefore canon compliant in my mind).
Summary: She has convinced herself that this is how life is supposed to be. That the not-having is equivalent to the having.

gave you a minute, when you needed an hourCollapse )
music: bridges - BROODS
all these hearts made of plastic
27 November 2013 @ 12:58 am
Title: help me taste the bite of death
Fandom: the hunger games
Characters: johanna mason, finnick odair
Warnings: canon compliant, mature (tw: abuse, alcohol, drugs etc.)
Summary: love, johanna remembered her sister telling her, was weird.
written pre-catching fire for silverponies because who else would introduce me to these two.

all this time it was never what it seemedCollapse )
all these hearts made of plastic
Title: waging wars to shake the poet in the beat
Fandom: the hour
Characters: bel rowley, lix storm, minor: randall brown, hector madden
Warnings: canon compliant, hurt/comfort
Summary: written post-finale, in the aftermath of death, two women piece together their lives without any of the right pieces

Bel's her own worst enemy, carefully blanketed narcissism and a newly aquired penchant for hard liquorCollapse )
music: Something's Haunting You - She & Him
all these hearts made of plastic
Title: rendezvous in memory lane
Fandom: harry potter rpg 
Characters: alexa rodemiere, warren rodemiere
Warnings: non-canon, RPG
Summary: this is dedicated to cinnamon, my first fave. i own 50% of whats written, JKR owns the universe
rendezvous in memory lane

you will be my resolution..Collapse )
all these hearts made of plastic
Title: the way you hated, elegy for a broken everything
Fandom: suits usa
Characters: harvey specter, donna paulsen, stephen huntley (mentions)
Warnings: canon compliant, spoilers for 3.08 'endgame'.
Summary: how do you wash the hands of a murderer off your skin?

i know i can live without you, i can live without you everydayCollapse )
all these hearts made of plastic
Title: the principles and parameters of possibility
Fandom: suits usa
Characters: harvey specter, donna paulsen, dana scott
Warnings: spoilers for 3.07 'she's mine'.
Summary: prompted by onlywordsnow 'scottie points out harvey is in love with donna'. a "what will happen next week" fanon with special guest dana scott

when your standing on the edge of nothing, tell me i was right to killCollapse )
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